Whales surprise paddle boarder at Crescent Head

Close encounter. Photo: Alex Ehlers
Close encounter. Photo: Alex Ehlers

A paddle boarder had a surprise yesterday when a group of whales came and joined him while he was out on the water at Crescent Head.

Alex Ehlers was at Back Beach in the calm conditions when three inquisitive whales surfaced.

“I was paddling with a group of dolphins, they were hanging around me for a while and I saw some movement further up and started paddling towards it and then suddenly the whale came up,” Mr Ehlers said.

Alex is from Germany and has been staying at Surfaris Surf Camp for a couple of weeks and said the encounter was amazing.

“It was a completely unique and crazy experience.”

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Alex has seen whales from the headlands and from a distance before, but never this close. He stopped paddling after seeing the creatures and just watched them.

“They came right up to me, they were so close. We hung out for a little bit together.”

The surf over the last couple of days has been relatively flat and Alex said that’s why he went out paddle boarding yesterday.

“The whales circled me a couple of times and swam underneath me, they hung around for maybe five minutes before heading off north.”

The video posted on Facebook by Surfaris Surf Camp has had over 15,000 views since yesterday.

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