Bello Winter Music kicks off tonight in Bellingen

From this office, which happens to be nestled very close to the Memorial Hall, hub of all things musical this weekend, I have had the pleasure of drums and sound checks and festive comings and goings all day.

At 4pm as I poke my head out the door, I see a queue forming at the door as the box office opens.

There is no doubt there is a festival coming to town and lots of locals are keen to be there.

Tonight’s opening concert will feature the fabulous Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier along with Malian legend Moussa Diakite and Wassado.

Tomorrow evening however is when things really get underway with music around venues from 5pm until midnight and then it is game on for the rest of the weekend.

As well, there is the unique eco-part of the event, Bello LeaF (Learning Festival) with all its treats from fire-making and bug catching to medicinal weeds and koala caring.

And now for a taste of things to come, here is a flash-back to last year’s event: