Letter: Dumped rubbish a health hazard

On Sunday morning July 8, the residents of Lyon St and Tamarind Drive were left with an unsightly mess at the bus shelter, obviously from some thoughtless people who had used it as a garbage disposal place.

There were three garbage bags full of rubbish and a large pile of stubbies, bubblie bottles, wine bottles and a heap of cardboard wine casks. All empty of course.

After examining this mess, I went home and returned with my yellow bin. It was an eyesore and a health hazard. Several of the bottles had been smashed, leaving broken glass. Another neighbour came along to assist me. 

There is a small bin on site but it had not been used. I couldn’t determine if this was dumped there or drunk there. It was also reported that some noisy people had been “riding wheelie bins” down the street. Strange things amuse strange minds.

I have reported this matter to the garbage collectors so they will now be aware of this potential risk to their workers at the handling facility.

I am just trying to make people aware of what goes on once the sun goes down. It must have been one hell of a night out.

Name supplied, withheld on request.