Letters: Giving credit where it’s due

In times gone by, our local Ag Show was the biggest social event on the calendar.  The two building blocks, timber and dairying, which opened up and created Bellingen, have fallen by the wayside, timber under pressure and only a handful of dairies remaining. All those small family farms, once the districts life blood, lost to the big end of town.

But what an absolute credit to all those involved that we can still have our show.  Even an old diehard like me had a great few hours on Saturday 5th, a glorious day, with so many people having a good time. But the thing that really brings it home were all those kids, on the pony rides and in amongst all those baby animals, they just love it.  As our population migrates into suburbia and artificiality our kids are losing touch with the very thing that provides them with all. An ever increasing percentage of our offspring may never step beyond their suburban boundary to see and experience the very thing that sustains them. The therapeutic benefits of mixing with animals, playing in the dirt, a pup or a pony for the kids, even many of our oldies are replacing those pills with a four-legged mate.

Bellingen Shire Council, to its credit, is currently trying to formulate a policy on affordable housing and hopefully get those young families out on a bit of dirt, with vegies, fruit trees, a few animals. Society and our kids will be the beneficiaries.

Darcey Browning,



Congratulations Bellingen Show committee! Your Agricultural Show was a complete success, the sun was shining and there were smiles on faces everywhere.

I attended the event with ten cattle team students from Bowraville Central School for both the Beef and Dairy Cattle events. The competition was tough, with large numbers of competitors in all classes.

The committee is to be commended on how well organised and prepared the whole event was. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and wish to give special thanks to the cattle stewards, judges and administrators for ensuring that our students were well looked after. The assistance and industry contacts your team provided have been invaluable to us in developing ongoing relationships with local cattle breeders.

Again, thank you so much. We greatly appreciate your contribution to the education of our students. We can’t wait to return in 2019.

Lori Wilson, Ag teacher,

Bowraville Central School