Letter: Pleasing proposal for Carl Foster site

I am indebted to Ziggy Koenigseder for her letter in these pages drawing my attention to the proposed development of the Carl Foster site in Hyde Street. Were it not for that, I would have missed the opportunity to comment on the proposal.

And what a pleasing proposal it is.

Parking below ground, shops at ground level and two-bedroomed town houses in the building fronting Hyde Street and three-bedroomed townhouses facing the back lane.  A lovely landscaped garden fills in the gap between the two buildings.

There is forethought in the provision of car charging points both in the parking area and on the main street.

The facade presenting to Hyde Street is most pleasing, with a mixture of materials and variation in the set-back. Thought has gone in to making sure it is in keeping with the height of the existing streetscape.

Yes, there will be dust and disruption. (The words eggs and omelette spring to mind.)  But we will survive that, just as we did the great gravel trucks trundling through our town.  And the end result will be well worth it.

I commend the proponents and the designers - excellent proposal!

Phyllis Codd