Letter: Greens from China

Yes it's true. A local supermarket, sugar snap peas, $27-50 a kg (Product of China). Fresh veggies imported from China. Everything seems to be China these days, but few would believe fresh greens. A country as vast as Australia, sparsely populated, and already we import huge quantities of our food. How long before all our producers go broke and it's everything. Australia supposedly just pips Norway as the richest per capita nation on earth. The affluent disease becoming an epidemic, the old work ethic slipping away as many cry out for more and more in return for less and less. Maybe our cash cows mining, timber, agriculture and fishing should succumb to the green ideal. Shut shop and just import everything, paid for with green air.

Via incentive, hard work and taking a punt, assisted via migrants from all over the globe, Australia has evolved into the envy of the world. That incentive thing is being eroded via hands out rather than hands in. Recent raids on people’s life savings by the Coalition and now Labor’s proposal on dividend imputation, just two examples. Many who saved for their old age to feel proud not to rely on the public purse, feel conned. The financial savings to the economy from self funded retirees is massive but I reckon the next generation are smarter, big houses, meals out, overseas holidays, the good life, with old age funded by (guess who).

On a lighter note at 75 with the lights starting to fade, a new sewing machine for my wife, a blue heeler pup for myself and love has blossomed, our third honeymoon.

 Darcey Browning