Letter: Keeping Urunga’s beaches pristine

Volunteer organisations do so much for our local community and often go unnoticed. Volunteering is one of the best ways to make yourself part of a community, and we need so many more in our area.

I would like to acknowledge the Urunga Anglers Club, which over many years since its inception has volunteered for Clean-up Australia Day.  

For over 20 years the members have actively cleaned up the lower river area and local shire beaches from the mouth of the river to the southern shire boundary at Oyster Creek.  This is a massive area and one that the Urunga Anglers Club takes pride in keeping as pristine as possible.

Special mention goes to the Russell family who went boating to clean up the lower river areas, and to all those Anglers Club Members who worked in two teams with the Fishing Club Tractors to clean up the beaches.   

We must also thank our local community of beach walkers for keeping our beaches fairly clean all year round. This year there was very little rubbish to be collected so the word is spreading. If you bring it on to the beach – please take it home with you.  

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone concerned and a big shout out to the Urunga Anglers Club for the fine job they do each Clean-up Australia Day.  A wonderful community service organisation.

Wal Tyson

President Urunga Anglers Club