Dorrigo 12s cricket to play grand final

An early season game - the Dorrigo team watching from the sidelines at Nana Glen Cricket Ground
An early season game - the Dorrigo team watching from the sidelines at Nana Glen Cricket Ground

After a wet week wondering whether the chance to play their semi final game would even come, the Dorrigo 12s cricket team are now on their way to the grand final.

Cloudy skies, a strong sea breeze and kangaroos greeted the visitors at the High Street Fields, Woolgoolga for an early 8.30am start.

Dorrigo won the toss and elected to bat knowing that runs on the board would be needed if they were to have a chance against the top finishing Northern Districts team. 

A slow field after rain restricted the run of the ball and what might have been big hits just didn’t get away.  That meant every run had to be earned and earned it was.  The Dorrigo team ran at every opportunity, even at times with little opportunity, testing the field of the Northern Districts team.

Northern Districts’ wicket keeper Beau Jefferies proved his skill with the ball, effecting two run outs on the Dorrigo batsmen from straight throws direct to the stumps.  The Dorrigo team lost three wickets in the 50s but, as batsmen came and went, the runs slowly added up with the visitors managing to finish their innings 8 / 79 after 25 overs.

Northern Districts began their chase of the Dorrigo total to be stunned by Taylor Gilbert open bowling their first batsmen with the fall of the wicket at just one run.  To the delight of the Dorrigo team and spectators, more wickets came with Northern Districts at one stage 3 / 25.  The taking of wickets was important but it was the team effort in the field that was impressive.  The Dorrigo team chased every ball, backed up at every opportunity and proved that setting a target is one thing but defending it is essential. 

Wickets for the innings went to T Gilbert, C Menzies, R Miller and J Ridley with M Kellett taking a caught and bowled.  Catches for the innings were taken by F McQueen and E Ryan with one run out effected by J Ridley.

The home team just didn’t get to run and the bowling figures showed why – Jed Capps taking a maiden over and giving away just one run and one extra in his second over.  In the end Northern Districts faced their full 25 overs reaching 7 / 63 to fall short of the Dorrigo target and sending the Dorrigo Juniors to next weeks CHDJCA Grand Final.

Dorrigo will meet the Nana Glen Goannas in the grand final after their defeat of Sawtell Lightning in the second semi final.