Rates pay for road repairs

I was at the Kalang Hall meeting which candidates addressed before the last election.

It seems to me that they were all honest and forthcoming about their attitude to rate rises - those who have now voted in favour of a rise making it clear that they would do so if it was necessary to maintain services the community needs, those who had an ideological position against it, saying so.

The assembled residents were also honest and forthcoming and loud in saying: “I don’t care how much you have to raise the rates just fix the ‘bloody’ road” [ the expletive changed with each speaker but the sentiment was the same].

I live about 10 kilometres out and for the first time in 30 years the road to our property is fixed!

It makes a significant difference to the lives of the people who live along it every day. Last year I spent more than $2,000 on car repairs caused directly or indirectly by the Kalang Road.

If I pay a bit more in rates this year and save on the mechanic, the auto electrician and tyres; if I can worry less because my teenage son who only recently got his licence, is driving on a safer road, I’m well ahead.

That the CBD is now accessible to people with disabilities; that we have a council that credits the community with intelligence and explains the pros and cons of the decisions that have to be made ... and that business is conducted in the council chamber with civility rather than the bad behaviour which characterised it during some past periods are all bonuses.

Linda Dalton