Smart phones trump sunscreen as most important beach item for Generation Z

A day at the beach requires several essentials, and for many, smartphones are high on the list.

In fact 14 percent  of Australians (equivalent to 1.2 million people) say their smartphone is the most important item for a day at the beach above sunscreen, water, a hat and even a towel. 

More than a third of Generation Z (those under 22 years of age) are most likely to pack their smartphone above all else. 

The survey of 2,017 respondents shows when asked about which items they prioritise for the beach, Gen Z chose on average sunscreen, their smartphone and a towel in that order.

Editor-in-chief and tech expert at, Angus Kidman, says that while smartphones provide hours of entertainment for a day at the beach, devices and the seaside don’t always mix.

“We take our phones everywhere and this extends to the beach, but this isn’t always the wisest decision. Smartphones don’t like salt water and they certainly don’t respond well to baking in the sun,” Mr Kidman said.

“You might have noticed your phone turning itself off when it gets too hot at the beach. Excessive heat affects the circuitry inside the device, it can make the battery swell and eventually explode, and it can also cause the screen to crack. 

“What many people also don’t realise is that water-resistant is vastly different to waterproof. Your water-resistant phone can cope with a casual splash, but not with a drenching. What’s more, resistance is measured in labs with clean water, not salt water. So take care to keep your phone dry.”

How to save your phone after dropping it in water:

On average the top three beach items for Baby Boomers, Gen Y and Gen X are sunscreen, a towel, and hat and sunglasses. 

“We need to remember the basic principle of Slip, Slop, Slap. As for keeping yourself busy, you can always bring a book, beach games or even the humble tennis ball to stay occupied,” Mr Kidman said. 

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