Dashville in Bellingen

Photo by Colin Turner-Butler
Photo by Colin Turner-Butler

After a successful run in early 2017, the musical jamboree known as Dashville on the Road will head north to Nundle, Bellingen and Port Macquarie in January 2018.

Dashville on The Road is a travelling troop of the venue and music mecca’s finest compadres, coming together for a series of special showcase concerts in various locations around Australia.

The DOTR concept brings the spirit and magic of Dashville’s corner of the world to other Australian locations. For over 13 years folks have travelled to the Hunter Valley to experience the country’s most musically fertile area – now it’s time for them to visit us. 

Each show is designed to be a little different to the next, with an array of performers, in varying styles, all coming together in a special four-hour showcase bonanza.

There'll be a little bit of curation and a whole bunch of creation, there'll be some slow jams... and fast jams; singalongs and solo feats of brilliance.

Acts for the this new round of Dashville On The Road include William Crighton, Fanny Lumsden, Nicholas Connors, Ahlia Rain, Baghead, Magpie Diaries, Dave Wells and a host of surprise guests.


Surprise guests in store

Federal Hotel, Bellingen

6pm kick off

Free entry