Return and Earn | collection points near you

We've mapped the places people can 'return and earn' on the Mid North Coast.

The NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the NSW Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) on December 1 last year.  

At the time, residents on the Mid North Coast were disappointed to learn the closest collection point was in Woolgoolga.

Since December 1, a number of new collection points have been established on the Mid North Coast but some towns, including Taree, still don’t have a collection point.

The scheme, known as Return and Earn, has been billed as the ‘largest litter reduction scheme introduced in NSW’. 


The NSW EPA has provided some statistics on how many items have been returned at some of the Mid North Coast reverse vending machines (some of the collection points are over the counter as shown on the map below) and they are as follows:

  • At the Woolworths Forster reverse vending machine which was put in place on December 20, at total of 72,952 items have been returned.
  • At the Hoey Moey reverse vending machine established on December 23, a total of  37,371 items have been returned

Explore the map below and hover over each location to see what kind of collection point it is.

For more information on the scheme go to the Environmental Protection Agency website.