At home with singer Lucy Durack: Clutter's out, except with kids

The star of stage and screen dreams of an island home...

What is your strongest memory of your childhood home?

We had this wonderful big old tree in the front garden of my childhood and I loved climbing up there with a pillow and a book and reading to my heart's content.

What do you recall most about buying your first home?

I actually only got to look at it at night but I just had this very strong feeling that this was right for my then boyfriend (now husband) and I.

I was right, we have had such wonderful times in it and it has suited us down to the ground.

What was the best part of home ownership?

Having the security of knowing you won't have to move unless you want to.

And the worst?

Being allowed to paint ill-advised feature walls whenever you want - ha, ha, just kidding - but I have painted a few that I have quickly painted over!

Can you share any tips for organising a home?

I do a pretty good spring clean of clothes I am not using at least a couple of times a year. The older I get, the less clutter I want. I find it much easier however to do it for myself, I get a lot more nostalgic/hoarder-like with my daughter's things as she grows out of them.

Do you have a favourite room?

I do love my daughter's room. My husband and I painted it grey and white and I found a lovely wall decal of a white tree filled with a few peaceful looking koalas.

What is the best piece of furniture or household item you have ever owned?

My husband bought me a beautiful dresser with a mirror and a lovely chair to go with it for a birthday one year. I was like I had seen glamorous ladies in old fashioned movies using and I love it.

What is the worst household item?

Our kitchen island has pretty ugly laminex around the sides of it that we have been recent googling solutions to renovate as we are pretty over it. Having said that, the kitchen island itself is pretty great.

Do you enjoy gardening?

I spent a lot of my childhood gardening against my will (really only light weeding and a bit of sweeping up but I was not a fan) so have never had much of a garden as an adult.

I keep thinking it is something I might grow into and recently have been yearning for a small patch of grass so the tide may be turning.

If you could live in a dream house, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to own a holiday chalet on Rottnest Island in WA that we could visit at our leisure.

Lucy Durack will perform at the 80th Vision Australia Carols By Candlelight, on Channel Nine on December 24 at 8pm.

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