Songs of Conscience and Country concert

‘Songs of Conscience and Country’ is an intimate concert featuring four loved and local songwriters, sharing songs that give voice to the spirit of our times. An unforgettable evening awaits with Joe Newton, Noam Blatt, Kym Pitman and Tyler Nakoa.

This concert, which is at Bellingen Memorial Hall on Friday, is a celebration of song as a tool for ecological and social awareness.

Song is a powerful tool in helping us to transform those things that need to change. On the other hand it is a great tool for celebrating what we might need to conserve and hold precious.

The spirit of song, finely dressed in its poetry, music and voice, waits to touch that delicate and poignant place in our hearts – turning grief into beauty, suffering into hope and complacency into action.

Joe’s songs speak of his love for nature and of the ineffable mysteries that lie beneath our perception of reality. His music is powerful and his message is a story of the soul.

Noam writes uplifting songs of unity and awakening, which he sings alongside traditional invocations, all resonant with his love for nature.

Kym’s songs are deeply entwined with the spirit of country and evoke a sense of ecological connection masterfully pertinent to our times.                                                                                               

Tyler writes songs from the trackless places… he is always found in the mountains or the oceans … they feed his music.

Bellingen Memorial Hall     December 1st   7.30 pm   

Tickets at the door -  $25.00  /  $20.00

Earlybird  $20