Bellingen Diggers baseball club

The Bellingen Diggers baseball club convened at the Bellingen Brewery on Sunday for their end-of-season presentations.

The club's Most Valuable Player for 2017 was pitcher/first baseman Scott Hansen.  Hansen was the club's most consistent batsman throughout the season, and shouldered the lion's share of the pitching in both A and B grades.

Every player receives an award, which recognises their contributions to the club in a humorous way.  So, for example, Nik Doves, who was injured multiple times throughout the season, received the Pistol Pete Reiser Award.  (Reiser  was carried off the field on a stretcher 11 times during his major league career.)

The 2017 season marked the end of the club's association with the Diggers Hotel and Tavern, Bellingen's major sponsor over its first five seasons.  The Diggers signed on as sponsors before the club had even taken the field, when it had very few players, no name and no uniforms.  With their support, the club went on to win Grand Finals its first two seasons and expanded from one to two teams.

Beginning next season, the club has in principle agreement with the Bellingen Brewery to assume the major sponsorship.