Raleigh Public School

Like many schools across the Bellinger Valley, Raleigh Public School’s students and staff held their Remembrance Day service early.

This year after participating in our student-led Remembrance Day service, we followed it with a special ceremony to collect a soil sample from our school grounds.

The soil sample will become a part of an artwork by artist Fiona Hall, to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, which will be displayed in Sydney’s ANZAC Memorial’s new Hall of Service.

The artist proposed that a plaque commemorate every town, suburb and locality around NSW that enlistees for the First World War gave as their place of address.

Our soil sample will be displayed alongside the place names of close to 1700 other plaques around the walls of the Hall of Service. The students of Raleigh Public were honoured to be a part of this special memorial Centenary Project.