Alleged assault near Lavenders Bridge

On Sunday November 5 at about 2am, a 31-year-old man crossing Lavenders Bridge from north Bellingen was reportedly assaulted by group of youths in the carpark on the southern side of the bridge.

“Are you a backpacker?” they shouted at him as he approached.

He answered that he was not, that he was from a local family.

The Courier-Sun has been told they then attacked him, and he suffered a blow to his head, a footprint on his thigh and bruises and scratches up his back before escaping.

NSW Police have verified that they attended the incident following a call to 000, and spoke to a man who said he had been assaulted and who appeared to be intoxicated.

“When officers attempted to get further details from the man and to offer him medical assistance via an ambulance he refused and walked away,” a police spokesperson said. 

“Officers made patrols of the surrounding area but were unable to locate anyone. Police are still appealing for the victim or any witnesses to make contact with investigators.​”

If you know more about this incident, you can ring Bellingen Police on 6655 1444.

To contact the Courier-Sun, call 0447 382 056 or email