Bellingen black snakes put on a show for the camera

Black snakes caught on camera - watch the video below
Black snakes caught on camera - watch the video below

Some amazing footage has been captured of black snakes who appear to be mating.

As the temperatures rise so do snake sightings around the region.

It was taken by Natasha English along North Bank Road, Bellingen.

Watch the video here:

The response on Instagram indicated most people believed they were mating.

And Pete Bufo from Bellingen, who has spent his adult years working and living in the bush, agrees.

“My snake knowledge is by word of mouth from farmers, mates, hippies, other locals and so on. I have seen them mate and it was like an aggressive dance,” says Pete who conducts seedling propagation at Northbank Community Garden.

Similar footage emerged in the Forster area this week and a snake handler was convinced the pair were vying for the attention of a female snake.

“They don’t intertwine or stand up like they are in the pictures when they are mating, they just lay next to each other with their tails overlapping,” John Smith said.

Watch the video from Forster here:

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