Dorrigo Sale – Wednesday October 11

Very small yarding of 121 cattle with market remaining firm, but in need of rainfall to enhance demand and see price improvements.


Veal Steers

150 to 200kg to 282c/Kg

Veal Heifers

150 to 200kg to 242c/Kg

Yearling Heifers

300 to 350Kg to 262c/Kg

350 to 400Kg to 266c/Kg

Over 400kg to 252c/Kg


250 to 300kg to 301c/Kg

500 to 600kg to 233c/Kg

Export Section


300 to 400Kg to 173c/Kg

400 to 500Kg to 189c/Kg

Over 500kg to 185c/Kg


450 to 500kg to 2417c/Kg

The next Dorrigo Sale will be held Wednesday October 25.