Not A TV Reality Show

One might have assumed otherwise, given that I’m out on good behavior after trial by media for shooting and hanging a wild dog in 2016 which was killing a neighbour’s livestock. But no, the monster has struck again.

I confess to murdering yet another wild dog which was attacking my own stock on my property at Darkwood. This callous act took place early one morning with two witnesses present who are prepared to testify in my defense. Unrepentant, I claim to be acting within the law, with wild dogs becoming a major problem.

I will also claim to be a bit green, and point out it's not only farmers, but pet owners, and in particular our wildlife, being impacted. Wallabies and brush turkeys, now thin on the ground, with all the other not so obvious, koalas, possums, lizards, platypus, and dozens of others being gobbled up.

Most of our natives are selective eaters but like foxes and cats, wild dogs eat the lot, if it moves, generally it's tucker, and they are adapted hunters.

One farmer up here claims to of lost 80 to 100 fallow deer taken over the past two years, a virtual smorgasbord for these dogs. That neighbor last year lost 13 calves.

How ironic that as I write this just got a call from right next door to put his son’s pet goat down, which was mauled last night. Incredibly mutilated but still alive, a sight to distress anyone, but this wasn't a reality show, this was for real. Also just two days’ prior another neighbour had six sheep shredded in their backyard, a sight to turn anyone. A concerning factor is that as opposed to wild dogs/dingoes of the past many of this current batch have no fear of (man-woman).

For those who could not be swayed by the reality of that young boy’s pet goat, and those defenseless sheep, pack your bags and head back to the city, we won't miss you for long.

Darcey Browning