Bellingen Eel Fishing Championships 2017

The Bellingen Eel Fishing Championships were held from October 2 – 8 with enthusiastic competitors weighing in their lively eels.

This is a catch and release competition in its 31st year.

Competitors young and old enjoy this sport and have fun in the great outdoors fishing in the many rivers, creeks and dams in our valley and on the Dorrigo Plateau.

Six-year-old Fin said what he liked most was climbing down the slippery banks, the slimy feel of the eels and watching his dad run after them.

Results were as follows;

Best Eel     

Day 1 Lenni Fredriksen  6.7kg

Day 2 Eli Williams  7.2kg

Day 3 Finnius Fredriksen  7.2 kg

Day 4 Bass Fredriksen 6.6kg

Day 5 Finnius Fredriksen  6.9kg

Day 6 Eli Williams   4.75kg

Day 7 Eli Williams  7.5kg

As an incentive to keep the eels alive for release a prize is given each day for the Liveliest Eel, and this is sponsored by Fishing Tackle Australia Coffs Harbour.

Liveliest Eel     

Day 1   Finnius Fredriksen 

Day 2   Eli Williams

Day 3   Riley Smith                                               

Day 4   Louie Wright  

Day 5   Ernie Osland                         

Day 6   Darcy Bush                                       

Day 7   Ernie Osland

Best Eels

… by a boy –  Eli Williams  7.5kg

… by a girl – Lenni Fredriksen  6.7kg

… by a man – Jai Tennant 6.1kg

… by a woman – Paula Tennant 5.3kg

The Most Weight of Eels for the full week was Finnius Fredriksen with 34.2kg, winning the prize kindly donated by Michael “Pud” Lee & Nick Fredriksen

Winner of the Waterhole Wal Pertpetual Trophy and Bellingen Eel Fishing Champion was Eli Williams with a 7.5kg eel

Many thanks to our kind sponsors: Bellingen Lions Club, Urunga Anglers Club, North Bellingen Providore, Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries NSW, Fishing Tackle Australia.  Special thanks to our Weighmasters, parents & the BBQ Crew and many helpers at the presentation.

Many thanks to Peggy Edman, Paula, Jai & Michelle Tennant for the wonderful presentation and certificate bestowed on me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this competition over the years.

Congratulations one and all – see you next year.

Story updated to include Best Eel section