Community notices for inclusion in the The Bellingen Courier Sun community diary section

We want to give community organisations a chance to tell everyone about their activities.

Fill in the form below and your event will be added to our community diary and well aim to use it in the community notices section of the The Bellingen Courier Sun.

Community notices are:

  • Usually for upcoming, not-for-profit community events, meetings, exhibitions, activities and community group news
  • Up to 50 words in length and do not require a photo but if you have photos and need space for a longer story, use the form: Got a story to tell? Were all ears
  • NOTE: If you do use the longer story/photos form option for your event, we also recommend entering a notice here, so it doesnt miss a mention in the community diary.

NEED HELP? Tips on how to fill in this form are provided below the form.

Tips for filling in this form

Community notices need to have certain fields filled to correctly display in the community diary sections of the newspaper, they are marked on this form with a red asterisk. Here are some tips to help explain the different sections of the form.

  • Email address: This is required so you can receive a confirmation that your notice was submitted successfully and so we can reach you if there is a problem with your notice. If you dont receive a confirmation email, your submission may not have gone through and you should contact us.
  • Name of host organisation: This is your groups name and will be in large font in the newspaper.
  • Event title: Try not to repeat what you used for the organisation name here. This will appear in bold under your organisation name.
  • Date: Notices need a date in the future, but if your notice is not date specific use the next publication date of the newspaper you want it to appear in. You can use the drop down calendar or type it in manually.
  • Time: The time is in 24-hour format and is to be written in two parts ie: 14 : 00 (or 2pm part one is 14 then you must click, or press the Tab key on your keyboard to move to part two and add 00 or 30 for the full or half hour). If your notice doesnt require a specific time enter 00:00. If your notice is from a certain time to a certain time, only use the from time in the 24-hr format and then in your event description you can mention the end time.
  • Venue: If you dont have a specific venue, you can write an area or region, ie Bellingen, Urunga, Mylestom etc. If you will be at various locations, write Various locations and then you can be specific in your event description.
  • Description of event: Here you have up to 50 words to talk about your event.
  • Cost and contact details: If your event is free, please write This is a free event, or Free entry, or Free to attend etc. If there are no contact details required, please write All welcome, or Hope to see you there etc.

Please remember to use correct punctuation and grammar. Notices that don't make sense or are missing information, may not be used. All notices may also be subject to editing.