Dorrigo's Booma Meats

Booma Meats in Dorrigo has diversified from selling wholesale to selling direct to the public.  

Animals are grown at the property in Dorrigo, processed and packaged at Dorrigo, then delivered by the Booma team, giving the consumers traceability in all steps of the process, which is uncommon in the meat industry.

Booma is providing grass-fed cattle, sheep, goats, free-range pork and eggs, all from the farm on the pristine Dorrigo plateau. There is a growing trend that consumers want to know where their food is produced, how the animals are treated, then how the products are processed and what other ingredients are used.

Food kilometres and food traceability are two major talking points in the New Age food revolution.

Companies like Booma are starting to give the customers what they are after. Selling products like preservative-free sausages and bacon meets consumers’ needs and fills a hole in the market left by the larger supermarket and meat distributors.

Booma has no retail shopfront in a physical sense. Their shopfront is their Facebook page and website, where consumers place orders. These are then home delivered or sent to a collection point for smaller orders.

This approach not only offers savings of up to 30 per cent, it also allows the consumer to find out how the animal is produced, where it comes from and why there is a difference in buying your product direct from a farmer.

For information or question go to Booma Meats on Facebook or email