Letter-to-the-editor: Little for the environment in the NSW budget

The 2017 NSW Budget is a short-sighted joke for future generations who will be left with a cooked planet and a legacy of extinct species and degraded ecosystems.

It is typical of the government’s disregard for nature that the environment portfolio was largely overlooked in possibly the state biggest spending budget ever.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian had a chance to plot a path out of the climate change and energy quagmire, but she failed to rise to that challenge.

The government urgently needs a clean energy transition plan to make the state carbon neutral by 2050, but it still does not have one, and there was nothing for it in the budget.

Worse, it raided $240 million from the Climate Change Fund to pay for private land conservation in a pathetic attempt to justify its disastrous land clearing laws, laws that will drive climate change.

It’s all well and good to invest in kid’s sport, but what about a safe climate and their future.

Kate Smolski, Chief Executive Officer Nature Conservation Council