There are no words

There are no words


Trevor Tree’s funeral is on Friday, May 19 at the House of Hope, North Bellingen at 10.30am followed by the wake at the Tree’s home. As the funeral is expected to be quite big, the family is requesting people to perhaps bring a folding chair as there will be overflow out of the church.

Helen Tree’s message to the community

Our family has suffered the most horrific loss in the death of our beautiful Trevor Tree.

I know that the community is reeling also from the loss of this great man.  

We have been inundated with the support and love of our family, close friends, church, the town of Bellingen and the broader community. 

Trev has touched so many people in his life. His big heart helped so many people out there. He would always go the extra mile with everyone he met. 

When we arrived in Bello in 1989, Trevor worked as a mechanic at Northside autos. Lots of the community met Trev at this time and would have discovered the zealot lurking inside. 

He had zeal for the God he loved, for the surf that was his obsession, and of course us, his family. He always swam in the other direction from the school. He was unconventional in his approach to just about everything. 

Eccentric, a dreamer of epic proportions and a man who simply loved. It was some of these aspects that drove me and the boys crazy at times, but his passion was something to be reckoned with.  

When he took over the business of 20/20 imagineering, he took that passion and generosity and gave all he could in serving the community with their computer needs. It was mentioned that he often took on too much in his willingness to help, and not being able to say no to anyone.

What would surprise many, was that Trevor was a big sook, and he would be shedding tears of emotion, if he could see and realise that the love he poured out, has been returned to him. 

There are so many of you out there to thank.

Firstly, to acknowledge those that helped with the first response, on the beach. Again, thank you seems so inadequate.   

To the wonderful group of 89ers who sat vigil with us for the whole of this ghastly week. 

To the church who prayed with us for a miracle.

To the friends who bought the boys new undies.   

To the angels, who cleaned my house and filled my fridge.

To my long term friend who massaged my head and neck in the ICU waiting room. 

To the young people who came from far and wide to cuddle me and the boys. 

To the friend that walked the dogs and the young man who stayed with them to keep them company.

Thank you to the amazing hospital staff in ICU, you know who you are. You were fabulous at a most difficult time

To my neighbours who have offered to slash the paddocks.

To the Tait family who made the best egg and bacon pie I’ve ever eaten, and helped with practical things.

To all people who came in to offer love and hugs. There are so many offers of help. To Ben Lewis and Tynon Bradford who had the thought to start the charity to help us out. 

There are no words to describe how humbling this all is. I can’t look at the site right now but I’m being updated. I honestly don’t feel we deserve this but I can understand this is a way that people can pour out their love and sympathy to our family right now.

We are so very grateful and it will help us all enormously. Once again, there are no words to describe the incredible loss this has been to myself and the family. 

There are also no words to describe the support that we have been shown. On behalf of myself and the family, a huge thank you.

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