Dolphin Marine Magic “rescue, rehabilitate and release more marine wildlife than any other organisation in the region”

Dolphin Marine Magic has released a statement on their Facebook Page in response to legal proceedings launched by Australia for Dolphins Limited.

An edited version is as follows:

“Australia For Dolphins (AFD) has been conducting a campaign against Dolphin Marine Magic (DMM) ...

“… (The) AFD has admitted in an interview with The Project on Channel Ten that ‘This particular case [against DMM] is part of a wider agenda in terms of phasing out dolphin captivity in Australia. It will bolster our efforts to pass legislation to ban dolphin captivity here in Australia and it will help global efforts to ban dolphin captivity overseas as well’.

“ … (It appears) that AFD sees DMM as soft target; we believe because AFD assumes DMM does not have the resources of other animal display establishments such as Taronga Zoo (which is government owned and operated) and Sea World (which is a subsidiary of the Village Roadshow Limited).

“Conveniently, AFD ignores the facts, which are that:

- Just like any other animal display establishment in NSW, DMM is subject to very strict legislative requirements that govern the holding and display of dolphins and seals and is properly licensed to do so by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

- Some of our dolphins and seals have been a part of our lives for more than 40 years and the staff who care for them are intimately familiar with each of our dolphins and seals and their behaviour and the activities they enjoy, much like you may know the behaviour and activities of any loved animal family members in your own home.

- It is not only us who say good things about the care our dolphins and seals receive; DMM holds national accreditation by the Australian Zoo and Aquarium Association following recent onsite assessment of positive animal welfare.

- DMM is the only facility licensed in NSW to rehabilitate dolphins and whales onsite and in the last five years we have attended more than 70 marine mammal rescue call-outs for animals such as dolphins, whales and seals. We are uniquely positioned to work with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to successfully respond to marine fauna events and we rescue, rehabilitate and release more marine wildlife than any other organisation in the region.

“We welcome you to visit DMM and see for yourself what we do and what our all our animals are to us.”

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