Party for the Kalang forest

The Kalang River Forest Alliance (KRFA) has a big night planned – on March 25 from 6pm there’s going to be one awesome party.

There will be dance music from the fabulous reggae band Drama King, Kalang’s-own Love Bucket, Soul Kindlings with their unique sound, and three more accomplished musicians – Luke Wilton, Noam Blat and Matt on didge.

The event aims to bring together Kalang residents, as well as support from Bellingen and beyond, to ensure the health and wellbeing of the Kalang River.

It’s a direct response to the latest move by NSW Forestry Corporation to log parts of the nearby state forest.

During the evening, Greens MPs Dawn Walker and Jeremy Buckingham will speak, as well as National Parks Association and Bellingen Environment Centre chair, Ashley Love.

Also, there will be a forest film from NEFA about the effects logging has had in the region.

“Everyone we have spoken to is horrified that NSW Forest Corporation would even contemplate logging in Kalang’s rich biodiverse headwaters,” KRFA spokesperson, Catherine Jones said. 

“This area is steep and fragile – any removal of trees may cause erosion and siltation to travel into Roses Creek and the Kalang River.

“This area is rich in aquatic life, including platypus, yabbies, crayfish and turtles. Any disturbance in the headwaters not only jeopardises these and our special clear blue ponds and waterfalls, but potentially affects the entire Kalang River to the mouth at Urunga. 

“This is a very special ecosystem with old growth and rainforest snuggled in between Roses Creek State Forest and Oakes State Forest”.

KRFA said that with the strength of the community, plus peak local and state environmental groups, it is clear that NSW State Forestry “do not have a social license to go into the Kalang Headwaters to do any form of logging”.

“We are confident that the government will see fit to stop this inconceivable proposal to go into 3000 hectares of our prime catchment,” Ms Jones said.

KRFA is asking the state government for the headwaters to be put into reserve systems to protect the area in perpetuity.

The event is on March 25 from 6pm at the Kalang Hall.