North Coast swimmers shine at Speedos and country champs

LAURIETON SWIMMING CLUB REPS: Zion Cooke, Zoe Cooke, Jazmine Cooke, Bailey Whitton and Tiana Huckel.

LAURIETON SWIMMING CLUB REPS: Zion Cooke, Zoe Cooke, Jazmine Cooke, Bailey Whitton and Tiana Huckel.

Sixty-two swimmers from Swimming North Coast clubs swam up a storm at the state Speedo Sprint finals.

The NSW Speedo Print was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush on March 12.

For many of the local swimmers this was the first time they have competed at the Olympic venue.

Five individual medals were won and one relay medal.

Millie Edwards-Bradshaw from Coffs Harbour clocked personal best times in three events. She was third in nine years back - 38.68 and second breast 43.71 and sixth in free 33.81.

Cooper Andrews from Coffs Harbour was third years back 42.71 PB and 9th Fly 46.32 PB.

Riley Andrews from Coffs Harbour was second 10 years fly 34.63 PB and 8th back 38.72 PB.

Leah Pickvance of Macksville was third breast 43.97 PB, 7th Fly 37.27, 4th free 33.29 and back 4th 38.73 PB.

Freestyle relay results: 7-9 years third Millie Edwards-Bradshaw Coffs, Hannah Carmichael, Foster, Allana Bromhead, Trinity Lismore and Leah Pickvance Macksville 2.19.92 PB

Swimmers who placed in the top ten were:

Adam Grant, Port Macquarie 12 yrs 10th fly 32.13 PB, Andrea Thomson Grafton 8 yrs back 9th 45.27 PB

Jayla Close Coffs Harbour 6th back 35.55 PB, Riley Andrews Coffs Harbour 8th 38.72 PB, Noah Yardley Coffs breast 9 yrs 7th 47.41 PB, Cohen Welsh Macksville 8th Back 39.54 pb, Keeley Sutton Macksville fly 7 yrs 7th 51.53 PB, free 9th 44.66 PB and 5th fly 55.24 PB, Harry Kilburn Lismore Workers 10yrs 8th 36.16 PB, Harrison Tancred Forster breast 8 yrs 4th 50.40, Pheobe Bentley Wauchope 12yrs 7th breast 39.30, Claudia Annett Kingscliff 5th breast 10 yrs 43.18 PB and Maverick McCarthy King breast 4th 40.40 PB.

In the relays seven Swimming North Coast teams were placed in the top ten.

In February swimmers competed at the Country Championships, also at the aquatic centre at Homebush.

Eighteen SNC swimmers won 33 medals at these championships. Twenty – one clubs attended with 104 swimmers qualifying for 511 events.

During these championships a March Past of competitors was held and well attended by all teams.

SNC teams were successful in the small teams – Laurieton and the large teams – Trinity Lismore. These two clubs were outstanding in their approach to march and present themselves in their club uniforms. 

In the club point score, the highest SNC club was Port Macquarie, 9th, and Trinity Lismore 16th.

The outstanding medalist were Madeline Ewing from Summerland Racing Team: 2 x 1st, a 5th and a 7th and Jack Hosking of Trinity Lismore 2 x 1st and a 4th and 10th placing.

For Port Macquarie Swimming Club Sam Harris earned 1st and 2nd x 3; Luke Mapstone 1st and 2x 2nd; Grace Bannon 1st and 2nd and Jessica Grant 2nd

Trinity Lismore—Jemma Cooper, 1st, 2nd and 3rd; Elsie Cooper 2nd and 3rd; Aidan Jensen 2nd; Max Mulcahy 3rd; Taylah Cratreee 3rd; and Alexander McKenna 2nd.

Macksville—Dewclan Sutton 2nd x 3 and 3rd.

Murwillumbah Hayley Bendl 2nd and 3rd.

Lismore Workers Declan Young 2nd, Coffs Harbour Riley Andrews 1st Kingscliff Maverick McCarthy 2nd and Taree Bevan Smith 3rd.

Swimmers who placed in the top ten were--

Trinity—Alexander McKenna, Jemma Cooper, Ella Egan, Natalia Shaw, Ava Brickley, Elsie Cooper, Hamish Torrens, Michaela Brickley, Aiden Jensen, Tylah Crabtree, Suzannah Lack, Alysha Balwin, Mac Mulcahy and 5 relays.

Port Macquarie—Sam Harris, Bianca Jamison, Tom Berryman, Grace Bannon, Hugh Stewart, Harrison Northey, Luke Mapstone, Adam Grant, Iesha Apthorpe Jack Ahgland, Kimberley Gosham, Mitchell Chander, Jessica Grant and 4 relays.

Forster—Claire and Brock Van Kampen, Jesse Wilks, Tyler Jones and Emily Rowell.

Sawtell—Luke Malia; Dorrigo—Rekkii Bryne and Amos Colburn; Coffs Harbour—Rebecca Nicol and Riley Andrews; Kemspey Mark Thurgood and Jossie Charlton; Marcksville—Declan Sutton; Mullumbimby—Kalani Bruce; Grafton—Charlie Steele and Jack Leeson; Yamba—Toby Campbell; Waughope—Pheobe Bentley and Morgan Jean; Laurieton—Claire and Sarah McIntosh and Kingscliffe—Maverick McCarthy.


1 MCINTOSH, CLAIRE - Female - Age: 16

#44 Womens 10&O 50 Free Multi Class Finals 34.87 34.63 (6) * 17

#72 Womens 10&O 50 Breast Multi Class Finals 52.01 51.32 (9) * 5

#112 Womens 10&O 50 Back Multi Class Finals 42.04 42.94 (6) 17

#134 Womens 10&O 50 Fly Multi Class Finals 44.76 46.25 (7) 14

2 MCINTOSH, SARAH - Female - Age: 12

#44 Womens 10&O 50 Free Multi Class Finals 35.04 36.27 (8) 11

#72 Womens 10&O 50 Breast Multi Class Finals 50.58 49.62 (6) * 17

#112 Womens 10&O 50 Back Multi Class Finals 45.73 45.31 (8) * 11

#134 Womens 10&O 50 Fly Multi Class Finals 44.93 47.76 (8) 11