Luke interviews the PM – and what a performance

Member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker’s novel social media foray was not the best.

Essentially, it was an attempt to take the region’s questions straight to the Prime Minister, with a cute kid thrown in, but it was uncomfortable and staged.

And thus, while Mr Turnbull addressed a few questions – and gave Labor a wee kick – the Facebook response has been, on the whole, merciless. 

Comments included: “Wow. I can't say my expectations were high, but this is unbelievably laughable, patronising, the most lame PR exercise I have ever seen. Are you serious? I am actually embarrassed for you both. Not to mention terrified for all our future. I'll be sure to send my two children in with a real question soon. Like, what are doing about this CLIMATE EMERGENCY?”

And: “Yeah Luke, sorry buddy but this video just confirms my long time belief that you're a little short of the grey matter up top. Wake up Cowper this is your elected Federal Member.”

And another: “Wow Luke, you are an inspirational local member, it's so great that we have you as our representative in parliament – you certainly go the extra mile to represent your constituents with those hard hitting questions. No seriously, you are embarrassing, what a joke. I feel for all of the people who took you seriously and actually put their thought and time into providing you the feedback you asked people for.”

In short, addressing the “common man” was perhaps a noble PR exercise, but ultimately, fraught with danger.