Help a family get back on the road

A young family of five, Nelly Mack, her partner Michael and children, Ngarlaa, 4, Ngayan, 2 and Ngindy, 10-months-old, are asking for locals’ help.

Michael and Nelly with children in the back of their previous car.

Michael and Nelly with children in the back of their previous car.

Nelly has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for a vehicle after Michael slid off the road following bad weather.

“I'm a full-time stay at home mum and Michael works part-time as an Indigenous Cultural Eco Tour Guide with the local land council as well as studying for a diploma in tourism with TAFE NSW,” Nelly said.

“In September I kissed my partner and two eldest children goodbye as they were going to Woolworths to get groceries at about 7am.

“We live about 25 minutes from the nearest Woolworths and have to make the trip for groceries.

“However soon after, I received a phone call from my very distressed partner.

“Water was across the road on a corner and caused him to lose control and roll down an embankment three times. They came to rest upside down and were trapped for 10 minutes.

“Michael got the kids out of their baby seats and they escaped through the smashed front passenger window.

“He had a few cuts, the girls escaped without a scratch – thankfully – but sadly our family car was a complete write-off.”

Nelly said the car, which was purchased via funds from her late father, was not insured and during the past few weeks life has been difficult without transport.

In desperation, she’s asking the Valley for help.

“The buses to Stuarts Point, where we live, don't run every day and only at certain times,” she said.

“We live too far out to be able to afford taxis.

“We have tried to raise funds by means of selling our artwork and having a bush tucker stall at a festival (didn't go well). We save what we can which is very little after household bills and stuff for the kids as well as paying people to help us to get around.

“This is the first time we have ever asked for any help from the wider public, but if you can, please donate what you can, or share, it would mean the world to all of us.”

To make a donation to Nelly, Michael and family go to