Bello’s Bouldering Wall

It all started when three local boys approached the Bellingen Youth Hub with a request – that a Bouldering Wall (a low climbing wall which does not require a harness) be built for community use.

Since then the Development Application has been approved and Construction Certificate issued and now the project is weeks away from coming to fruition.

Reel Rock 11 will be playing on Friday November 11 at the Bellingen Memorial Hall from 7pm.

Reel Rock 11 will be playing on Friday November 11 at the Bellingen Memorial Hall from 7pm.

The journey has involved a multitude of community members from initial stakeholders who have contributed both knowledge and financial donations to go toward the build; community mentors and climbing enthusiasts who have been vital in nutting out the project and who will contribute majorly to the continued running of the facility; and a team of other local volunteers who are either passionate about climbing or simply wish to see this amazing community initiative come to life, not to mention the driving force of the staff at the Youth Hub.

Bellingen Youth Hub’s Dean Besley said, “the amount of community support we have received has been phenomenal. This project has gathered interest from a wide range of local people and that’s why I love Bellingen – people aren’t afraid to put their hand up and help out. In my job I am lucky enough to witness this generosity and community spirit every day.”

Dean said the community has banded together to see the Bouldering Wall project come alive for the long term benefit of the entire community including not only individual youth but families, schools and other groups, experienced climbers, inexperienced climbers, and basically everyone.

“It will be available for everyone from toddlers to grandparents,” he said. “It’s a really exciting thing for Bellingen, not just schools and youth. I can’t wait to see a 70 year old climbing alongside a seven-year-old.”

While funds raised thus far are “amazing”, the project will need money for ongoing maintenance. With this in sight, an official launch and film night fundraiser for the wall is on Friday November 11. Reel Rock 11 will play at the Bellingen Memorial Hall from 7pm. Tickets are available through the Youth Hub or on the door (adults $15, kids $8). The Reel Rock Films have been acclaimed for appealing not only to climbers but to a much wider audience and come highly recommended.

For further information contact Dean at