Australia's first environmental services autonomous medical centre

Dorrigo's Cork Memorial Medical Centre is believed to be the first environmental services autonomous medical centre in Australia, and now locals can celebrate the official opening on Saturday, June 18.

Funded by the late Cyril Cork, the development is not only a legacy to him but also to the community that built and supported the project, an ethical development with far reaching community benefits. 

The building has been leased to Dorrigo Health and Wellbeing and includes services such as General Practitioners, Laverty Pathology, a podiatrist, psychologist and visiting specialists.

The building was designed by local firm Regional Architects and built by local builder Mark Moxon and Co using local materials and local trades wherever possible.

The environmentally sustainable building includes a Bellingen Solar battery/grid feed hybrid Photo Voltaic (PV) solar system  that generates up to 20 per cent more power than the development will use, stores power and sells excess  power to the Grid. It is heated with a Neighbourhood Heat Pump Hydronic Heating System that is also powered by the PV array and shared with the attached seniors housing development.

A worm farm sewage system, stormwater polishing and harvested tank water supply complete the Autonomous Services Package. Cross ventilation, huge thermal mass stores, double glazing, high value insulation and planted roof assists in providing passive user comfort. Natural light and low VOC paint combined with natural materials and Cross ventilation have produced a healthy working and user environment.

This iconic environmentally sustainable building is an example of the benefits of local knowledge being applied to regional developments. The building will be officially opened by Member for Oxley, Melinda Pavey, and Colin and Pam Cork on Saturday, June 18 at 3m at 1 Gangara Avenue, Dorrigo (off Tyringham Road opposite Showground). The opening will be followed by champagne and canapés. 

Built by the community, for the community, the opening is intended for all members of the public and those with an interest in environmentally sustainable architecture.