High tech security system installed in three clubs

Registered clubs in the Bellingen Valley are building a security wall between themselves and would-be thieves through the installation of an innovative security system.

Bellingen Golf Club was the first to go high tech, installing the Predator Marking system and has now been followed by Club Urunga (bowling club) and North Beach Bowling Club.

The three clubs are hoping that the system, which sprays a fine mist on thieves as they enter and leave the building, will make their premises extremely unattractive to criminals.

The DNA spray will forensically link them with the scene of the crime. Developed by DNA Security Solutions, the perpetrator marking spray is made up of 99.9 percent purified water, a vegetable-based fluorescent dye and a single strand of DNA that is unique to the particular business.

But the thief is branded for up to six weeks with the DNA. No amount of scrubbing will remove the markings which will glow under ultraviolet light when the suspect is detained by police.

Police don’t require the permission of the courts to carry out the forensic testing.

Jeffre Murray of DNA Security Solutions, who installed the system at the Golf Club, said it was a massive deterrent to criminals.

“Knowing that you will be walking around with the crime scene on them for up to six weeks is an enormous deterrent, as it makes it easier for police to catch them.”

North Beach and Urunga clubs both installed the system last Thursday.

Club Urunga CEO Thane Duncan said his aim was to make the club the most unattractive in the valley, to thieves that is.

“The new system is just another means to deter thieves,” he said. “We just have to make it as hard as we can.”

North Beach Bowling Club’s secretary manager Lance |Pyke said the security system made the club less vulnerable to thieves.

He said he had implemented the new high

tech system because the club was isolated and had in the past had a history of break-ins… although they had been lucky during the past couple of years.