Letter-to-the-Editor: Something is sadly amiss

In the last six weeks, we have had a barrage of assaults on our property and our possessions, incidences that do not make any sense.

Some of these include

* Money went missing at the canoe hut

* Electricity was cut at our canoe hut

* Globes from our lighting in our driveway have been taken

* Meat was put in our canoe rubbish bin (near the parking) which turned maggoty.

* Old rubbish and chicken bones was thrown into our bus whilst parked outside.

* Tyres deflated and valve caps stolen whilst parked at home

* Smashed windows

* Stolen lifejackets

* Mail missing

* Damage (keyed) our son’s car

We have no idea if these strange incidents are connected to one person or separate occurrences.

We are asking you to be alert and watchful and if you see or hear or know anything strange or suspicious within our property, the canoe areas or even in the street, please let us know.

It breaks our hearts that it has come to the point where we have to ask for your support with your vigilance.

We are a small local business.

We care about our amazing community and love living here.

It should be bliss: Bellingen Canoe Adventures' owners lament.

It should be bliss: Bellingen Canoe Adventures' owners lament.

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