Labor: Pavey crossing the floor would have lead to funding vortex

NSW Labor’s Shadow Attorney General, Paul Lynch has put forward a motion in the Legislative Assembly to refer the Education Minister Adrian Piccoli to the Parliamentary Committee on Privilege and Ethics over threats to defund schools in the electorate of Oxley.

Melinda Pavey

Melinda Pavey

The Daily Telegraph reported last month that during a Nationals Party Room meeting to discuss the greyhound racing ban, the Minister for Education threatened the funding of schools in Oxley in response to a question by Melinda Pavey about whether crossing the floor to oppose the ban would cost her electorate funding.

Mr Piccoli is reported to have told the Member for Oxley, Ms Pavey that “you won’t get a cent”.

This demonstrate that he and the Nationals do not have the best interests of the people of Oxley at heart,” Mr Lynch claims.

“My motion stands up for the students of Oxley whose futures should not be the pawns of political brinkmanship.”

The motion reads:

That this House:

(1) Notes the account of the meeting of the Parliamentary National Party as reported in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday 25 August 2016.

(2) Condemns the Minister for Education for his remark to the Member for Oxley, that 'you won't get a cent' for the Oxley electorate if the member voted against the Government's ban of the greyhound industry.

(3) Refers this matter to the Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics for investigation and report as a possible contempt.

In a statement to the Courier-Sun Ms Pavey said: “Haven’t the Labor Party got anything better to do than dredge up a four-week-old story that was wrong in the first place”. 

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