Vaccination letter

To all those concerned parents of young children, who are being bullied by well meaning politicians and health professionals, to immunise their children, even though it is against their better judgement, there is something you should consider. In a book published by Dr Cilento in 1979, titled You can't live without Vitamin C, she maintains that many newborn babies are deficient in Vitamin C, which can also lead to cot death – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Phyllis Cilento.

Phyllis Cilento.

Dr Archie Kalokerinos saw these deaths actually happening mostly among aboriginal babies in his practice in far western NSW. Their mothers brought them to his hospital with some trivial ailment, many of them went into shock and died before his eyes and there was a practically 50 per cent mortality, as his book Every second child describes. Maybe, he reasoned, when these infants became ill, they needed more Vitamin C, so the infant received an injection of 100mg of Vitamin C and recovery was dramatic.

He also noticed that any severe stress, such as sedatives, anaesthetic, immunisation injections whilst teething … these were sufficient to so deplete the little bodies of Vitamin C that they could become victims of sub-clinical scurvy and at risk of SIDS. He deduced that deficiency of Vitamin C – sub-clinical scurvy, is the one common factor in SIDS.

Factor X, the instigating cause, may be anything from infection to immunisation that sets off the syndrome. He was particularly concerned by the frequent reactions of babies to triple antigen and to other vaccines given without first testing at the infant has sufficient Vitamin C in his body to produce an immune response in his blood. 

Otherwise he may show a sharp reaction to the vaccine or be thrown into a state of shock. He believes that all babies and young children should have enough Vitamin C to spill over into their urine,a sure sign that there is at least 1mg per 100gm in their blood. That when a baby is off colour, irritable, teething, sniffling and particularly when he has to meet the stress of an immunisation needle, his urine should be first tested with a C-Stix – a simple matter of a few seconds, to make sure of his Vitamin C status.

It is well-recognised that babies who have an infection should not be immunised. In fact, a warning is issued in the instructions enclosed in every triple antigen pack. This should be meticulously heeded by every doctor giving their shots to 3-6 month old babies. And mass immunisations programs should not be undertaken without first ascertaining the health and Vitamin C condition of each child.

The Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in South Brisbane does a wonderful job in looking after children’s health, and this brief extract from Lady Cilento's book may help some parents make an informed decision on whether and when to vaccinat.

Ziggy Koenigseder

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